Message de Curly Musgrave

Suite à l'article sur la chanson qu'il a écrite "La fille de Valeton", Curly Musgarve vient très aimablement de nous autoriser à utiliser les textes et photos joints pour illustrer notre site. Qu'il en soit très amicalement remercié.

Il nous précise :"I looked at the page and am very impressed by its quality and dedication to the life of M. de Boissiere. I had read some articles about him at the ranch (Silkville) over the past several years. Belinda and I will be visiting and staying on the ranch again later this month while we perform in Kansas. While the main 'chateau' was partially destroyed in a fire, our friends who manage the ranch live in the third of the house that remained and was rebuilt. I have ridden by and driven cattle by the old house that you show on the website and there are still many of the Osage and Mulberry trees (complete with silkworms) that were there in the 1860's and 1870's." Curly Musgrave, 4 oct.2008.

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