Biography of Ernest Valeton de Boissiere

The "Association d'Etudes Fouriéristes", in partnership with the Biographic Dictionary of the French Working-class Movement, has decided to create a Biographic Dictionary of the Fourierism.

The biography of Ernest Valeton de Boissiere (1811-1894), who founded the cooperative farm of Silkville (Kansas, Franklin County, Williamsburg) in 1870, is actually been studied by Jean-Yves Boutet notably through this blog.

We invite researchers, historians and all of those interested by this story, especially from Kansas and Louisiana, where Mr De Boissiere had a maritime company in New Orleans. He also wanted to create an orphanage for black children. Unfortunately, we have very few documents concerning this period of its life (from 1852 to 1870).

Information, photographs, documents, thesis about the kansan period (from 1870 to 1892) would be more than welcome.

Thank you very much for your future cooperation. Please write us here.

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